Project Management & Application Consulting.

Your company is ready to sign the dotted line and begin a new and improved life of business integration through its selection of JD Edwards software. You've recognized that these solutions can provide your company with the flexibility and real-time data it requires to optimize business processes and maximize customer satisfaction and profits. That is smart, clear thinking.

As important as it was to choose your solution, it is equally important to choose the right implementation support partner. After all, you've made a huge financial investment in this software and successfully implementing it is paramount. You need high quality, experienced project management and knowledgeable, industry-proven consulting services to achieve a timely, quality project. So where do you turn for such a resource?

True Clarity Consulting is the smart, clear choice

We assign the project lead based on the major applications being implemented while considering your vertical alignment. Your business requirements are examined so we can build teams around them and provide you with a total solution that efficiently and effectively utilizes all resources. The project manager will then develop and maintain the schedules and plan, manage and push for timely issue resolution, continually communicate the project status to the parties involved and keep the entire team focused-- all to guide the entire process and deliver a timely, quality implementation.

Under the direction of our top-notch project leads, you will find some of the industry's best application consultants. They are proven, experienced professionals not only in their knowledge of JD Edwards software, but in various industries of business as well. Our consultants have either worked with or implemented these solutions in their respective industries prior to becoming consultants and can identify with and understand what it means to be the customer on a project.

Combine this knowledge and experience with their ability to effectively communicate it to your team and you have a valuable resource and ingredient for a successful implementation. So whether they are a team member of a True Clarity managed project or serving as a resource alongside another Oracle or partner-led project, our consultants can be relied upon to bring high quality, knowledgeable and ethical consulting services to your implementation.


Delivering complete JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World Solutions, which include Project Management, Application and Technical Consulting, CNC, Migration, Upgrades, Training and Support.

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